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We love market research and our clients Enjoy the benefits

Designing the best studies to meet your timeline and budget

we can answer questions like...

  • How are we positioned relative to the competition?
  • What is the demand for our new product?
  • Who are my best customers and how do I reach them?
  • What is my brand equity?
  • How do I increase my market share?
  • What does our optimal product line look like?
  • How do I increase my brand awareness?
  • Who will buy my products?
  • Where is the whitespace in my industry and how do I capitalize on it?
  • Are my clients really satisfied with my products/services?
  • Which distribution channels will work best for my products?
  • What price should I charge to maximize profitability?
  • What do customers think of my brand?
  • What do customers associate my brand with?
Most companies struggle with questions like these everyday and trying to make decisions without good, clear, reliable information that answers your specific questions can be very costly. That’s where we come in. We help you obtain the quality information you need so that decision-making is something more than a game of chance!

Quantitative Studies

When you need hard numbers to support decision-making quantitative methodologies are your best options.  Data is collected through a survey questionnaire that is carefully designed to yield the appropriate metrics that are statistically analyzed to answer your questions. We have over 25 years of experience collecting, analyzing and reporting information so you can move your business in the right direction with confidence.

Qualitative Studies

When numbers aren’t as important as the need to:
  • Dive in deep to understand what your customers think about your brand or products
  • Explore new business avenues
  • Consider remaking or updating your brand
  • Hear it directly from your consumers, customers or clients
Qualitative research is the right place to start.  We have hundreds of hours experience conducting focus groups, dyads, triads and one-on-one interviews across multiple platforms.

Types of Research

InfoManiacs - Brand Health 4

Brand Strategy & Health Assessment

When it’s time to evaluate your brand’s performance from the perspective of consumers, customers, and/or clients you need to consider gathering information directly from the source including awareness, associations, perceptions, equity and loyalty.  We can help you obtain all the information you need to help you maintain your brand’s health and help you track the brand’s health over time.

Product Development & Optimization

You have something new – a concept, product or service and you want to understand if it’s viable. Will bells and whistles make it more appealing, and if so, which ones will maximize value and profitability?  How much should I charge?  We have various methods to help you determine the optimal configuration and pricing to maximize share, revenue and/or profit.

InfoManiacs - ATU

Awareness, Trial & Usage

Also called AATU (Awareness, Attitude, Trial and Usage) as the name suggests, provides a snapshot of consumers’ awareness, and opinions of you and your competitors brand and products.  It provides foundational marketing information used to develop a brand and competitive strategy and to track your brand over time.

InfoManiacs - Segmentation

Market Segmentation​

When you want to know who your most profitable customers are, how to best communicate with them or understand their needs and desires so you can deliver products and services designed specifically to meet them, then segmentation is for you.

Pricing Research

A key component of your marketing strategy is setting the right price for your products or services.  When you need to know how to price a new product or product line or are re-evaluating your pricing strategy in light of your competition, there are several options to chose from. 

Brand Positioning

Knowing where your brand and/or products stand in the marketplace relative to your key competitors is a fundamental input to your brand strategy.  It reveals your strengths and weaknesses, points of differentiation, and can reveal white space opportunities in the market if they exist.  A brand positioning map is a vivid representation of your market that is easily interpreted and where the strategic implications are immediately apparent.

InfoManiacs - Loyalty Tattoo

Loyalty Research

It’s not enough to have satisfied customers, you need loyal customers.  Brand loyalty is the holy grail of marketing.  Loyal customers have rational and irrational ties to a brand, what we call fandom.  Loyal customers are the most profitable and are a company’s best ambassadors.  It is difficult to understand and build loyalty unless you understand the path to fandom.  BrandFan, our proprietary approach, identifies and provides a roadmap for changing your customers into fans.