What business questions drive you insane?

Stop the madness

You don’t need to roll the dice when making decisions.  We design your market research always mindful of the results you need to remove the guesswork.  We have an arsenal of statistical and analytical techniques at our disposal including the most advanced state-of-the-art options, and always provide the results in a way that makes the strategic application immediately recognizable for you!

Just because we may use highly technical analytical tools doesn’t mean you need to be a statistician to understand your results.  After all, it doesn’t matter how great or accurate the research is if you don’t understand it or can’t use it.  We help make it both useful and actionable.

Our Services

InfoManiacs - Focus Group

Qualitative Research

Focus group moderation and one-on-one interviewing expertise across a variety of platforms (face-to-face, telephone, online) to obtain quality, in-depth and cost-effective information.

InfoManiacs - Matrix Numbers

Quantitative Research

Application of a wide array of basic and advanced methodologies to obtain the most insightful and useful information available to aid business and marketing decision-making.

InfoManiacs - Chess

Strategic Consulting

Assistance with utilization and implementation of research results to achieve optimal impact by providing strategic implications and recommendations.

InfoManiacs - Loyal Dog

Brand Loyalty / Strategy

Increase brand loyalty and share of wallet through BrandFan: a unique approach that identifies the key elements of brand loyalty specifically tailored to your consumers/clients.

We provide direction

We are your ultimate sanity check for opinions, beliefs, strategies, and tactics by minimizing risk and increasing the probability of success.  Just as importantly, our research can reveal new ideas, directions, and opportunities that you might not have considered.

InfoManiacs can provide the information you need to get a product to market and maintain it to its optimum. We help you grasp where and how to accomplish objectives better, faster, more efficiently, cost effectively, and profitably.

We'll help you Stop the Madness and
Put it all together

Located in Greater Chicago, InfoManiacs offers over 25 years of seasoned research consultancy experience.  Let us help you stop the insanity.