Clients - Current and Past


“It is imperative that the research we provide to our 12,000 members is timely, accurate and reliable. I am confident that the data we have received from InfoManiacs over the years fit those requirements and allows our members to make more informed business decisions with insights gained from InfoManiacs reports.”
Jim C, NSSF Director, Industry Research and Analysis
“I've had the pleasure of working with Laura on several projects at two separate organizations as well as attending her presentations at industry functions. Laura is a valuable research partner that goes above and beyond in every aspect of a project. Not only is her methodology and data sound, she also ensures that stakeholders know the story behind the numbers and is able to speak to leaders with diverse levels of experience in research. Laura also has worked with my team to create a research program that fit within tight budget constraints and ensured we were able to garner valuable insights from the endeavor. A true asset to any team in need of detailed and insightful research, I highly recommend Laura to any organization.”
Ben C. Director, Marketing and E. Commerce Planning
Laura is an experienced researcher who always thoughtfully considers the research methodology, the analysis, and the interpretation of results. She focuses on delivering findings that make it easy for her clients to understand and apply.”
Cindy F., Marketing Research Consultant
“I can count on Laura to get the information I need and help me use it to make the best strategic decisions.”
Leo H., Vice President, Marketing
“Laura is a knowledgeable and dedicated researcher. Her varied experience with research in different industries enhances her capabilities and value.”
Rodger S., Managing Director & Consultant
“Laura provides helpful guidance at every step of the research process. I know when I work with her I will get accurate information and the assistance I need to use it to its fullest.”
Jim P., Senior Consumer Insights Leader

Our clients are absolutely crazy about our singular devotion to:

  • The appropriate methodology correctly applied
  • Accuracy
  • Integrity
  • The truth inherent in numbers
  • Clarity and brevity
  • Being on time and on budget
  • Providing outstanding service
  • Your total satisfaction
  • And most importantly… You!