Our story

Dr. Laura Kippen, Founder

Dr. Laura Kippen brings over 25 years of custom primary market research experience to help clients find answers to their business and marketing questions, both simple and highly complex.  She specializes in the creative application of research methods to uncover insights in difficult, complex and/or dynamic markets.  Her areas of expertise include both qualitative and quantitative methods in support of new product development, optimization, pricing, forecasting and branding initiatives. 

Laura has directed the quantitative research departments for several research companies where she was responsible for methodology and implementation, expanding research capabilities, maintaining research quality and integrity, and new business development. She has worked across various industries including pharmaceuticals and biotechnology, hospital and surgical products, consumer packaged goods, leisure, hospitality and food service, entertainment, high tech and financial services.

She has worked with a variety of clients, large and small, including The National Pharmaceutical Council, Vista Outdoor, Hilton Worldwide, Disney Channel, Disney Cruise Lines, Hershey’s, Ocean Spray, ConAgra Foods, Nestle, Nationwide Financial, Pfizer, Sanofi-Aventis, Hoffmann-LaRoche, United BioSource Corporation, AARP, just to name a few.

Laura received her Ph.D. from The Ohio State University with primary emphasis in experimental economics, statistics, consumer behavior and marketing.

The InfoManiacs Advantage

Professionalism & proficiency

InfoManiacs offers over 25 years of seasoned research consultancy experience. Laura Kippen, Ph.D., President and Founder, is the driving force of the company offering a level of skill, enthusiasm, passion, and energy that is unique in the industry. InfoManiacs’ network of associates is equally knowledgeable and experienced resulting in a truly effective and insightful research organization.

Leading-Edge Methods

We have access to the newest, leading-edge technologies and methods that can take you further in solving some of your most intractable problems… but, we don’t always recommend the newest, leading-edge methods. We recommend the best methods to help you address your needs and make sound decisions.

Flexibility & Nimbleness

We are small and agile meaning we can provide you with accurate and useful information quickly. We pride ourselves in offering the best methodology, be it simple or complex, qualitative, quantitative, or both that will provide you with the most accurate, useful, and actionable information that your resources will allow.

Warmth & humanity

On the human side of the equation, we never let competency stand in the way of compatibility; efficiency or project importance interfere with our ability to enjoy a close working relationship with clients and more than an  occasional laugh. We believe that effective client relationships and friendships don’t have to be mutually exclusive.

Our Promise

We will:

  • Always have a senior member of our team involved so that you have the benefit of their experience and expertise in every step of the research study.
  • Consult with you to understand and help frame your business and research objectives and issues.
  • Recommend a research approach that most efficiently and effectively meets your objectives.
  • We will only recommend the best methodology, not the most expensive or the one with the most bells and whistles.
  • Engage with your team during all phases of the research process to ensure your needs are met.
  • Do our best to meet all study timelines and milestones and stay within the projected budget.
  • Provide research-driven insights and recommendations that the team will find highly useful for strategic and tactical planning.
  • Follow through to ensure your expectations and needs have been met

Our clients are crazy About Our singular devotion to:

  • The appropriate methodology correctly applied
  • Accuracy
  • Integrity
  • The truth inherent in numbers
  • Clarity and brevity
  • Being on time and on budget
  • Providing outstanding service
  • Your total satisfaction
  • And most importantly… You!