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Why are some customers so fanatical about these brands?

is an intense relationship or connection between customers and a brand that results in something that goes beyond true brand loyalty. It is the key to increasing brand awareness, sales, and profits because your true fans are your best ambassadors.

is based on brand theory that identifies the key elements, both rational and emotional, that drive bonding with and devotion to a brand… what we call
. They are:

Brands that work towards developing bonds with their customers by boosting individuals' self-perceptions and supporting personal identity & aspirations are rewarded with:

Fandom is the holy grail of any company's brand efforts

pinpoints the brand identity elements, both rational and irrational, that impact each dimension in the path to fandom. It provides a clear road map for influencing customers at each stage to guide them down the path to fandom.

What can you expect from a BrandFan Study?

data is collected using an online survey questionnaire that is comprised of several unique batteries of items measured on various scales. It is a cost-effective way to learn how you can influence your consumers and help them down the path to fandom.

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