The InfoManiacs Advantage

What are some of the advantages of working with InfoManiacs?

Professionalism and proficiency

InfoManiacs offers over 20 years of seasoned research consultancy experience. Laura Kippen, Ph.D., President and Founder, is the driving force of the company offering a level of skill, enthusiasm, passion, and energy that is unique in the industry. InfoManiacs' network of associates is equally knowledgeable and experienced resulting in a truly effective and insightful research organization.

Leading-edge Methods

We have access to some of the newest, leading-edge technologies and methods that can take you further in solving some of your most intractable problems. ...but, we don't always recommend the newest, leading-edge methods. We pride ourselves in offering the best methodology, be it simple or complex, qualitative, quantitative, or both that will provide you with the most accurate, useful, and actionable information that your resources will allow.

Flexibility and Nimbleness

We are small and agile meaning we can provide you with accurate and useful information quickly.

Warmth and humanity

On the human side of the equation, we never let competency stand in the way of compatibility, efficiency or project importance interfere with our ability to enjoy a close working relationship with clients and a more than occasional laugh. We believe that effective client relationships and friendships don't have to be mutually exclusive

An Insane Devotion

Our clients are absolutely crazy about the fact that we are singularly devoted to:

Our Promise To You

We will always…

Laura Kippen
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